All Garand parts are USGI in very good to excellent condition unless otherwise noted.

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M1 Garand Parts
Rifle Protector Set:  Front Sight, Rear Sight, Empty Chamber Indicator, Op Rod Handle.  White only. 5.00 ea. or 12.00/set
Barrel, SA, 1951-52. NIW packed in grease and cosmoline 350.00
Bolt, Stripped CALL
Bolt Assembly/Disassembly Tool - a must-have for changing bolt internals! All steel construction.  USA-made in the USA to GI specs. Works for Garand and M14 bolts. Sold elsewhere for $60-$70. 55.00
Bullet Guide 10.00
Butt Plate Assembly 25.00
Butt Plate, Lower Screw 3.00
Butt Plate, Upper Screw 3.00
Clip Ejector 4.00
Clip Latch CALL 
Clip Latch Spring 2.00
Ejector Spring and Plunger 10.00
Extractor 30.00
Extractor Spring and Plunger 8.00
Firing Pin, Refinished 25.00
Firing Pin, Unissued USGI 35.00
Follower Arm 15.00
Follower Arm Pin 3.00
Follower Rod 15.00
Follower Slide 4.00
Follower w/Slide Assembly 20.00
Front Sight 20.00
Front Sight, Unissued USGI 35.00
Front Sight Screw, Gas Seal 3.00
Front Sight Screw, New Style 2.00
Gas Cylinder Lock 15.00
Gas Cylinder Lock, Unissued USGI Low Hump 30.00
Hammer, SA 40.00
Hammer Pin 3.00
Hammer Spring, Unissued USGI 5.00
Hammer Spring Housing -- Used 8.00
Hammer Spring Housing -- Unissued USGI 12.00
Hammer Spring Plunger 5.00
Hammer Spring Plunger w/Wings 6.00
Handguard Ferrule, Front 12.00
Handguard Spacer, Front 10.00
Handguard, Front (Walnut), New Production 35.00
Handguard, Rear (Walnut), M1D, New Production 35.00
Handguard Rear Retaining Clip 5.00
Lower Band 20.00
Lower Band Pin 1.00
Operating Rod 170.00
Operating Rod, NM 200.00
Operating Rod, IHC, HRA, Uncut SA (Sorry, no WRA) CALL
Rear Sight Aperture 20.00
Rear Sight Base  35.00
Rear Sight Cover 8.00
Rear Sight Elevation Knob & Spindle 45.00
Rear Sight Windage Knob 20.00
Rear Sight Complete 100.00
Safety 20.00
Safety Spring (Ejector Spring), Unissued USGI 5.00
Stacking Swivel & Screw (screw sold only with swivel) 15.00
Sling Swivel, Front 5.00
Sling Swivel, Rear 6.00
Stock, Used 45.00 & Up
ROTC/Drill Team Stock/Hardware Reserve  We have a limited supply of USGI M1 Garand stocks and hardware reserved for ROTC units and Drill Teams. These may  have some painted characters and numbers or small arsenal repairs or small cracks that can easily be patched.  With a bit of elbow grease, these stocks will look great on the parade field. Please call to discuss your needs
Stock Ferrule & Swivel 20.00
Trigger Group, Complete w/Milled Guard CALL
Trigger Group, Complete w/Stamped Guard CALL
Trigger Guard, Milled 20.00
Trigger Guard, Stamped 20.00
Trigger Guard, Stamped, Unissued USGI 40.00
Trigger Housing, SA 45.00
Trigger Pin 2.00
Trigger & Sear Assembly 18.00
M1 Garand Accessories
M1909 .30-06 Blank Cartridges for Cartridge Guns -- 20 Rds/Box

Features a metal case with a crimped tip -- no projectile.  Sold for training and demonstration purposes only.  Not designed blank-firing reproduction weapons. Using this blank ammunition will cause a cartridge gun to fire single-shot.  When using blank ammunition a flash and debris will eject from the muzzle, which can be harmful.  Do not point or shoot the weapon directly at anyone.  No returns or refunds for blank cartridges.  Call for quantity pricing.



8 Round En Bloc Clip, USGI 2.00
Bayonet, M5A1, USGI arsenal reworked 35.00
Butt Stock Cleaning Kit w/REAL USGI M10 Handle 40.00
Chamber Cleaning Brush .30-06 5.00
Cleaning Rod Tip 5.00
Cleaning Rod Section 2.00
Combo Tool with Brush  30.00
Grenade Launcher Sight w/Pouch, Unissued USGI  15.00
Oiler, Plastic, Small, Unissued USGI 10.00
Sand Brush (Great for cleaning sand & dust off firearms) 1.00
Sling, Green Cotton Web, New Production 15.00
Sling, Black Cotton Web, New Production 15.00
Sling, Green/Brown Nylon, USGI, Used 20.00