All parts are USGI in very good to excellent condition unless otherwise noted. Parts refinished unless otherwise requested.

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M14 Parts
M14 Parts Supplier to the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marine Corps, as well as state/local law enforcement, ROTC and Reserve Units

M14 Assembly Guide            M14 Owner's Guide

Two "Must Have" Books for the M14 Shooter






Assembly Guide 24.95

Owner's Guide 19.95

Both for 42.00

Rifle Protector Set:  Front Sight, Rear Sight, Empty Chamber Indicator, Op Rod Handle.  White only. 5.00 ea. or 12.00/set
Bolt Assembly/Disassembly Tool - a must-have for changing bolt internals! All steel construction.  USA-made to GI specs. Works for M14 and Garand bolts. Sold elsewhere for $60-$70. 45.00
Bolt Stop, USGI 25.00
Bolt Stop Pin 1.00
Bolt Stop Spring 2.00
Butt Plate Assembly. Original Finish 20.00
Butt Plate Assembly, Refinished with Black or OD Duracoat 35.00
Butt Plate Assembly, KMT 30.00
Butt Plate Assembly, All Steel - adds 1/2 oz to rear of stock 25.00
Butt Plate Screw, Lower 3.00
Butt Plate Screw, Lower, USGI Bag of 20 40.00
Butt Plate Screw, Upper for Fiberglass (2 piece set) 10.00
Butt Plate Screw, Upper for Wood 3.00
Cartridge Clip Guide 20.00
Cartridge Clip Guide Pin 1.00
Connector Lock 5.00
Connector Lock Pin 1.00
Ejector Spring & Plunger 10.00
Extractor 30.00
Extractor Spring & Plunger 8.00
Firing Pin, Chrome, USA-made to GI specs. 30.00
Flash Suppressor w/ Lug, USGI, Late Style 90.00
Flash Suppressor w/ Lug, USGI, Early Style 95.00
Flash Suppressor w/o Lug, USA-made quality cast 60.00
Flash Suppressor Nut (aka Castle Nut) 6.00
Flash Suppressor Set Screw 4.00
Front Band 15.00
Front Band, HR Marked 25.00
Front Sight 20.00
Front Sight Screw 1.00
Front Sling Swivel  15.00
Front Sling Swivel, NM  20.00
Front Sling Swivel Screw, Nut & Washer 3.00
Full Auto Parts -- No FFL required.  All Local, State, NFA and BATF rules apply.  Sold as replacement parts for registered full autos or for making dummy kits.  
Full Auto  -- Complete Replacement Parts Kit.  Includes Connector Arm Assembly, Sear Release, Selector Shaft, Selector Switch, Spring & Pin 100.00
Full Auto -- Connector Arm Assembly 25.00
Full Auto -- Sear Release 20.00
Full Auto -- Selector Shaft 15.00
Full Auto -- Selector Shaft Lock 10.00
Full Auto -- Selector Switch 35.00
Full Auto -- Selector Switch Spring 5.00
Full Auto -- Selector Switch Pin 1.00
Gas Cylinder, Unissued USGI - Single piece or USGI sealed can of 2.  Winchester & HR cans still available. IN STOCK CALL FOR PRICE
Gas Cylinder, Refinished USGI with Spindle Valve and Spring Installed 90.00
Gas Cylinder Lock 20.00
Gas Cylinder Plug 20.00
Gas Cylinder Shim 301 Series Stainless Steel 4-Piece Set: .005, .008, .010, & .015.  The least expensive way to improve M14 accuracy. A must-have for standard and unitized gas systems! USA-made. 12.00
Gas Piston, USGI Original Finish 20.00
Gas Piston -- New Polished Stainless Steel. USA-made to GI specs. 35.00
Hammer 40.00
Hammer Pin 3.00
Hammer Spring, Unissued USGI 5.00
Hammer Spring Housing -- Used 8.00
Hammer Spring Housing -- Unissued USGI 12.00
Hammer Spring Plunger 6.00
Hand Guard, Solid, Fiberglass with Retaining Clip, Used 18.00
Hand Guard, Ventilated, Fiberglass with Retaining Clip, Used in G-VG condition 20.00
Hand Guard Retaining Clip 5.00
Magazine Catch 20.00
Magazine Catch, Unissued USGI in Wrap, Marked "OM" 30.00
Magazine Catch Pin 1.00
Magazine Catch Spring 3.00
Operating Rod CALL
Operating Rod Guide 15.00
Operating Rod Guide Pin 1.00
Operating Rod Spring, Unissued USGI 12.00
Operating Rod Spring Guide 20.00
Operating Rod Spring Guide, Unissued in Wrap 30.00
Operating Rod Spring Guide, Unissued KMT 40.00
Rear Sight Aperture 20.00
Rear Sight Base 35.00
Rear Sight Cover 8.00
Rear Sight Elevation Knob and Spindle 50.00
Rear Sight Windage Knob 20.00
Rear Sight, Complete Set, 5 Pieces 100.00
Rear Sling Swivel 6.00
Rear Sling Swivel, Unissued 10.00
Roll Pin Set, Complete: Bolt Stop Pin, Cartridge Clip Guide Pin, Connector Lock Pin, Mag Catch Pin, Op Rod Guide Pin, & Spindle Valve Pin 5.00
Safety 22.00
Safety Spring, Unissued USGI 5.00
Spring Kit, Complete: Bolt Stop Spring, Ejector Spring Assembly, Extractor Spring Assembly, Hammer Spring, Mag Catch Spring, Op Rod Spring, Safety Spring, & Spindle Valve Spring 32.00
Spindle Valve 12.00
Spindle Valve Pin 1.00
Spindle Valve Spring 2.00
Stock, USGI Wood, used without butt plate assembly (includes stock ferrule, stock liner/nuts & front sling swivel) 45.00
Stock, USGI Fiberglass, used in very good condition. Includes butt plate assembly, lower & upper screw/nut, stock ferrule, front & rear sling swivels. 120.00
Stock Liner 20.00
Stock Liner Screw 4.00
Stock Liner Screw Tool, Commercial 15.00
Trigger Group, Complete IN STOCK CALL FOR PRICE
Trigger Guard 30.00
Trigger Pin 2.00
Trigger and Sear Assembly, Double Sear 20.00
Trigger and Sear Assembly, Double Sear, Unissued 30.00
Sadlak Industries M14 Parts
NM Spring Guide:  Solid one piece design, heat-treated tool steel parkerized finish.

NM Gas Piston:  Polished and Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coated.


NM Gas Piston: Polished and Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coated - Manufactured to National Match (NM) specifications with groove to meet National Match spec. per USGI drawing # 9352724.


Tactical Magazine Release Latch: Manufactured to original USGI specification with the exception of the thumb pad which has been enlarged and serrated to provide a faster, smoother release, and a more positive grip.  Comes with installation instructions, a tapered alignment pin and a replacement pivot pin.



Steel Scope Mount: black parkerized finish. (Scope & rings not included.)


Airborne Model Scope Mount: Lighter Weight Steel Model with black parkerized finish.


Gas Cylinder Wrench, Steel, 1/4" Thick


Gas Cylinder Wrench, 1/2" Aluminum - for Foreign and Oversized US Cylinders


M14 Accessories
M12 Blank Firing Adaptor w/ M3 Breech Shield, Unissued USGI 25.00
Butt Stock Cleaning Kit, USGI 35.00
Chamber Cleaning Brush, .308 5.00
Cleaning Rod Tip 5.00
Cleaning Rod Section 2.00
Combination Tool, Unissued USGI 12.00
Grenade Launcher Sight w/Pouch, Unissued USGI 15.00

*NOTE: We do not ship magazines to NY, NJ, MA, MD, CA or anywhere else they are banned or restricted. 

Magazine Charger 4.00
Manual, M14 Technical Manual TM9-1005-223-10 (105 pp) 8.00
Oiler, Plastic, Small, Unissued REAL USGI 12.00
Sand Brush (Great for cleaning sand & dust off firearms) 1.00
Sling, Green Cotton Web, New Production Commercial 15.00
Sling, Black Cotton Web, New Production Commercial 15.00
Scope Mount Dove Tail 12.00
Scope Mount Dove Tail Allen Head Screw (5/32) 3.00
Scope Mount Camming Insert 15.00
Scope Mount Set Allen Head Screw (1/8) 3.00
Scope Mount Holding Allen Head Screw (3/32) 3.00
Scope Mount Thumb Screw (12/32) Out of Stock
Scope Mount Bolt (12/32) (uses no camming insert) 18.00
M14 National Match Parts
Front Sight (.062), NM, Commercial Made in USA 25.00
Gas Cylinder w/ Welded Front Band, NM 150.00
Op Rod Guide, Medium NM 20.00