All parts are in good plus condition unless otherwise noted. Please note: Other than noted below, we have no German collectible parts.

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K98 Mauser Parts

In order to better serve your USGI parts needs, I no longer carry FAL, K98 or Uzi parts.

I recommend PalmBeachParts ( for your FAL, K98 and Uzi  parts needs.


Barrel Cover, Metal
Bayonet Post
Bayonet Post Pin
Bolt Sleeve, Stripped
Bolt Sleeve Lock
Bolt Sleeve Lock Spring
Bolt Plunger
Bolt Plunger Spring
Bolt Stop w/Bolt Stop Spring & Ejector Spring
Bolt Stop Screw
Bolt Stop Spring
Butt Plate
Butt Plate, Cupped
Butt Plate, Cupped, Israeli-Marked
Butt Plate Screw
Cocking Piece
Extractor Ring / Collar
Firing Pin
Firing Pin, FN, Unissued
Firing Pin, Waffen
Firing Pin Spring
Floor Plate, Milled, New
Floor Plate, Milled (used, some pitting and not refinished)
Floor Plate Plunger
Floor Plate Plunger Spring
Floor Plate Plunger Pin
Follower, Milled
Follower Spring
Front Collar, H Style
Front Collar, G98
Front Collar, Raised Rear for Handguard
Front Collar, Solid
Front Collar Catch Spring with Lug
Front Collar Pin
Front Sight Bed
Front Sight Bed Screw
Front Sight Hood, Military Production
Front Sight Blade
Front Sight Blade Pin
Hand Guard, Used, Refinished
Rear Collar, Wide, Side Swivel
Rear Collar, 98G, Narrow, Hinged Top, Bottom Swivel
Rear Collar, G98, Narrow, Bottom Swivel
Rear Collar, M98, Narrow, Bottom and Side Swivels
Rear Collar, Waffen, Grooved
Rear Collar Catch Spring
Rear Sight Bed
Rear Sight Cursor Catch Spring
Rear Sight Elevation Plate
Rear Sight Post Screw
Recoil Lug
Recoil Lug Nut
Sear Pin
Sear Spring
Trigger Guard, Milled
Trigger Guard Front Screw, Milled
Trigger Guard Front Screw, Stamped
Trigger Guard Rear Screw, Milled
Trigger Guard Rear Screw, Stamped
Trigger Guard Retaining Screw, Milled (Capture Screw) Genuine -- not reproduction  
Trigger Pin
K98 Mauser Accessories
Sand Brush (great for cleaning sand and dust off firearms)
Chamber Cleaning Rod (Wood)
Cleaning Kit-Original Israeli Defense Force 98K Cleaning Kit

Includes:  I.D.F. Storage Box, Brass Pull-Thru, Wooden Chamber Cleaning Rod, Sand Brush, and Pull-Thru Rope. New to Excellent Condition

Grenade Launcher  Israeli - similar to German