All parts are USGI in very good to excellent condition unless otherwise noted.

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M1 Carbine Parts
Barrel Band w/Bayonet Lug (Type 3), Unissued - AI, SI 30.00
Barrel Band w/Bayonet Lug (Type 3), Unissued - KI 35.00
Barrel Band w/Bayonet Lug (Type 3), Unissued - Cowles 1953 issue 30.00
Barrel Band Spring 10.00
Bolt, Complete, Underwood 1950s issue, New in Wrap 150.00
Bolt Rebuild Kit - Extractor, Extractor Spring Assembly, Ejector Spring Assembly and Firing Pin - a $50 value. All USGI 39.00
Butt Plate, Current Production 8.00
Butt Plate Screw 2.00
Ejector Spring & Plunger 8.00
Extractor 20.00
Extractor, Various Markings CALL
Extractor Spring & Plunger 7.00
Firing Pin 15.00
Firing Pin, Various Markings CALL
Flash Hider, USGI M-3, SA or U 60.00
Front Sight, Various Markings 20.00
Gas Piston 10.00
Gas Piston Nut, unissued 13.00
Gas Piston Rebuild Kit - gas piston, piston nut (unissued) and piston nut wrench (unissued) - a $45 value.  All USGI 36.00
Hammer Spring 5.00
Hammer Spring Plunger 5.00
Magazine Catch, M1 20.00
Magazine Catch, M2 30.00
Magazine Catch / Safety Spring & Plunger 8.00
Magazine Catch Spring & Plunger 5.00
Operating Slide Guide 6.00
Operating Slide Spring 7.00
Operating Slide Stop 4.00
Operating Slide Stop Spring 1.00
Recoil Plate 10.00
Recoil Plate, Various Markings CALL
Recoil Plate Screw & Nut 12.00
Safety, Flip 6.00
Safety, Push Button, Type II OUT OF STOCK
Safety, Push Button, Type III 20.00
Sear 10.00
Sear Spring 3.00
Sling Loop (mounts on sling) 2.00
Trigger, NIW 25.00
Trigger, Various Markings CALL
Trigger Housing Retaining Pin 5.00
Trigger Spring 4.00
M1 Carbine Accessories
Cleaning Handle with Rod and Brass Tip, USGI Unissued 18.00
Gas Piston Nut Wrench, unissued USGI 22.00
Magazine Dust Cover (Dust Cap) 1.00 ea. or 3/2.00
Magazine Pouch, Holds two 30 Rd. Magazines, Current Production (Magazines Not Included) 12.00
Oiler, Metal, USGI Unissued 20.00
Sand Brush (Great for cleaning sand & dust off firearms) 1.00
Sling, Webb, Current Production 10.00
Stripper Clip w/Guide, USGI Unissued 1.50
Trigger Spring Tool, USGI 15.00